Trigger Protect Introduction Video

Trigger Protect Comfort Carry Holsters Introduction

The Trigger Protect Comfort Holster can be used for comfortable pocket or waistband carry. The Trigger Protect Holster covers the trigger and protects it from accidental discharge. Also, the pocket holster squares the pistol in your pocket like a rectangle and makes it look like a cell phone or billfold. Pocket Carry with the Trigger Protect Holster is very comfortable and easy to deploy by hooking the holster on your pocket when you pull the gun out.

Trigger Protect Holster Introduction with Waistband Carry

Comfort Waistband Carry

The UltiClip can be mounted straight or at a cant on either side of the Trigger Protect Holster adapting our pocket holsters for left or right hand use for waistband carry. I have found that less is always better when it comes to tucking something into my waistband. The Trigger Protect Waistband Comfort Holster compliments waistband carry by its compact size. When the holster and the gun take up less room you by default have more comfortable concealed carry.

Comfort – Small Conceal and Carry Pistols

Most people are looking for a comfortable way to conceal carry their pistol. I personally have found it is more comfortable to pocket carry than to waistband carry. Our Trigger Protect Holsters main focus is on Pocket Carry Comfort with a waistband option.

Looking for Comfortable and Safe Carry?

You cant go wrong with and of our Trigger Protect Holsters for size and comfort. That being said all you need is the right holster to make your Concealed Carry complete. Check out our product listings for your Conceal Carry Comfort holster.

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