Sig Sauer P938

The Sig Sauer P938 is one of the smallest and lightest 9mm available… What I like most is the
safety features of this pistol that other pistols don’t have. But this really is a Summer Vibe; easy summer carry.

  • One of the greatest features on the P938 or P238 is that it is one of the only guns when you rack the slide to load or unload you can leave the safety on. It is really nice to have the safety on when you are inserting or removing a live round.
  • The P938 has a hammer. With a hammer you can physically put your thumb on the hammer holding it back and it cant shoot. You can’t do that with striker fire guns or any other guns that don’t have a hammer.
  • When you add our holster covered trigger guard it adds to the safety features already on the P938. Well any gun becomes safer when you add our holster, but the P938 really shines in added safety when you take it out of the holster.
  • The weight of the P938 is very much unnoticeable at 15.6 oz loaded. Also, being smaller than most other guns it is easy and quick to get out of your pocket.
  • No need to carry the P938 in the waistband, it is so light and small it is an easy choice for pocket carry.
  • My wife prefers her P238 but she and her sisters have all shot my P938 with no problems at all. The recoil is not bad and the accuracy is excellent.
  • You may have noticed I have the SAS model P938. SAS means “Sigs Anti Snag” and is a Customs Shop made gun. It has rounded corners to help keep it from snagging on clothing which is another plus for pocket carry.