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Q. How do I adjust my tension screws?

A. When you loosen the tension screw close to the trigger guard you will notice the holster becomes loose on the gun. I usually tighten mine until the looseness is almost completely gone. Over-tightening makes it hard to pull the gun out.

Our Holster tension adjust screw
Sig Sauer P238 Holster

Q. Do I need an UltiClip if I plan on Pocket Carry Only?

Some of the holsters can be carried with the UltiClip or in the pocket. With these it is your choice when you buy. You can select no Ulticlip if you want to just use it for pocket carry.

S&W SDVE Trigger Protect Holster With UltiClip Canted

Q. How do I install the UltiClip

A. I prefer to install the Ulticlip straight on two screws and carry it either front or on the side, especially on smaller pistols. Ulticlip can be installed on some pistols in the canted position on both screws usually used for carrying behind your back.