Mossberg 100 year Celebration New Pistol MC1sc

Mossberg brownie trapper pistol

Mossberg began their manufacture of firearms with a pistol called the Brownie Trapper which was a 4 shot 22 caliber they sold for $5.00. I wish I could buy that Trapper Derringer now for $5.00. Although I have not owned a Trapper I have read that they were a very reliable handgun.

Mossberg 100 Year Celebration Pistol

Mossberg Trapper pistol AdvertisementMossberg celebrated 100 years in business with a new pistol; the Mossberg MC1sc. Although Mossbeg is known for shotgun the MC1sc pistol is a very nice pistol. I bought one to make holsters for but I was very impressed when I took it out to the range to shoot. It shoots very nicely. Feels and shoots almost like a S&P Shield.

TriggerProtect Mossberg MC1sc Holster

We made a really nice holster for the MC1sc pistol. The holster is very compact and comfortable. To Check out our listing on the Mossberg MC1sc holster click

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