Trigger Protect Custom Holsters LogoIn the pursuit of finding a better way for concealed carry, our custom holsters combine a safety holster with the ease of wearing it in comfort by making it not encompass the pistol adding more width. Also we use the UltiClip for ease of wearing and removing the holster from your waistline.

We are located in Joshua Texas 76058. The Trigger Protect Holsters originates with us and we are the manufacturer of these Holsters and have our Patent Pending. The idea came about after hearing about so many people accidentally shooting their leg when holstering their pistol. Our holsters are a safe solution to help everyone safely holster their gun before putting it into their waistband or pocket. The tension adjustment screws are there to help you adjust the tension you prefer of the holster on the trigger guard. We usually adjust ours such that after the holster is in your waistband you can slowly pull the gun from the holster without UN-clipping the Ulticlip.

Our Custom Holsters

All of our holsters are hand made from Kydex and custom molded to fit your gun and could have slight differences between them. As each holster is custom fitted to your gun it is also quality tested. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and value your feedback. We have many options on our website for purchasing a holster custom made to fit your gun. We sell the UltiClip separately where you can buy just the pocket holster. We suggest that you purchase both the holster and the UltiClip so that you can use the holster in your pocket or waistband but not required on the pocket holsters.Trigger Protect Holsters Patient Pending