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We make custom Kydex Holsters with the best comfort possible and a special safety feature that helps protect you as you holster and wear your pistol in the pocket or in the waistband (IWB). Our holsters are made to attach to the lower portion of your gun with just the right amount of adjustable retention on the trigger guard making them smaller and more comfortable to wear. We also offer a Money Back satisfaction guarantee. Some people just tuck the pistol in their waist band so as not to add the bulk of a holster. Our holster makes it safe to put your pistol into your waistband and feels like there is no holster there. We make our holster with a minimum amount of Kydex under the slide, with a slight kydex extension to help pull the butt of the gun closer to your side, and a recessed Ulticlip.

Holsters Safely Protecting Your Trigger

Why would you need to safely protect your trigger? There have been many cases of people shooting their self in the leg or buttocks when re-holstering their pistol. You can do a google search for “Glock Leg” and read about 100’s of people who shot their leg. I like Glock’s and I sell Glock Holsters that adds safety to the Glock Pistols, or any pistol. What usually causes accidental discharge is something getting hung in the trigger guard and pulling the trigger like a t-shirt, a piece of leather, etc… Our holster is designed for the user to holster the gun outside of the waistband and then easily clip the holster onto your pants, (no belt required), or use for a pocket holster. The standard holster design is to wear the holster and then place the gun in the holster next to the body without the trigger being protected. With this added safety of protecting your trigger from accidental discharge you also have less bulkiness of the standard holsters adding to the comfort of concealed carry for people looking for a safe minimum design holster.

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Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a holster that you don’t see listed in our Coming Soon category. We have several more holsters we will be listing on our products page soon. Thanks for you interest, God Bless!